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StepsTeam provides full-service automated trading and quantitative financial services.
Each step is completed by a team member who is a subject matter expert; StepsTeam.
Our methodology is designed so that each step in the process validates the previous steps.

Step 1

A funding liaison explores funding options to help you fund your trading robot.

Step 2

A quantitative analyst defines the rules of the trading strategy based on research.

Step 3

A quantitative developer writes and tests the code and validates the strategy.

Step 4

An software development manager provides the data to use for test simulations.

Step 5

A statistician performs a statistical analysis and optimizes the system settings.

Step 6

A risk analyst performs a risk analysis and optimizes the settings to reduce risk.

Step 7

A financial consultant selects the best stocks and ETFs for your robot to trade.

Step 8

A system administrator sets up the robot on a server and automates the system.

Step 9

A placement agent identifies the best opportunities for you to manage capital.