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Drew wants to be liked by everyone and to be recognized for his willingness to help others in time of need. He is usually filled with good intentions, but often lacks the time to fulfill them. He is good at creating enthusiasm in others. He is gregarious and sociable. He will be seen as a good mixer both on or off the job.

Drew has a good sense of urgency. His goal is to have and make many friends. At work, he is good at maintaining friendly public relations. He is most likely to be at his best in situations where important things, such as values, judgments, feelings and emotions are involved. He prides himself on his "intuition."

Drew likes to get results through others. He is at his best when he has people working with him. Drew believes rules exist to serve rather than to be followed by him. He likes to be involved in the decision-making process. He is good at solving problems that deal with people. Because of his trust and willing acceptance of people, he may misjudge the abilities of others. Sometimes he will seek the quick and simple decision.

Drew has the ability to look at the whole problem; for example, thinking about relationships, being concerned about the feelings of others and focusing on the real impact of his decisions and actions. His aversion to detailed work motivates his desire for simplicity. He makes quick decisions. He usually uses many gestures when talking. He is good at negotiating conflict between others.

Drew feels that "if everyone would just talk it out, everything would be okay!" Sometimes he can get caught short on the facts and figures needed to support his ideas. It is important for Drew to use his people skills to "facilitate" agreement between people. He tends to look at all the things the group has in common, rather than key in on the differences. He is positive in his approach to dealing with others. He may not understand why everyone doesn't see life as he does! He may have a tendency to over sell certain styles. He has a tendency, which he regards as an ability, to talks smoothly, and readily and at length.


Drew likes:

  • The chance to have fun (play hard--work hard).
  • A friendly work environment.
  • No close supervision.
  • Public recognition of his ideas and results.
  • A support system to do the detail work.
  • A forum to ventilate his emotions.
  • To be trusted.
  • No restrictions to hamper results.
  • Unusual, new, or difficult assignments.
  • Working conditions with freedom to move and talk to people.
  • To be measured by results.
  • Group activities outside the job.


Drew tends to deal with problems and challenges in a demanding, driving and self-willed manner. He is individualistic in his approach and actively seeks goals. Drew will attack problems and likes a position with authority and work that will constantly challenge him to perform up to his ability. Drew's response to the environment is to be strong-willed and ambitious in his problem-solving approach. He seeks to win against all obstacles.

Drew's natural style is to use persuasion and emotion to the extreme. He is positive and seeks to win by the virtues of his personality and verbal skills.He will convince you that what he is saying is not only right, but is exactly what is needed. He displays enthusiasm for almost any project. Drew projects a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward influencing others. He sees the need to be trusting and wants to be trusted.

Drew is variety-oriented and demonstrates a need to get from one activity to another as quickly as possible. He usually demonstrates a pronounced sense of urgency. He is eager to initiate change if for nothing else than for change's sake. Drew sees his natural activity style to be just what the environment needs. What you see is what you get for activity level and consistency. Sometimes he would like the world to slow down.

Drew is independent by nature and feels comfortable in situations where the constraints are few and far between. He will follow rules as long as he feels that the rules are his. He has a tendency to rebel from rules set by others and wants input into any constraints. Drew seeks adventure and excitement. He wants to be seen as his own person and will break rules to display this desire for independence. He wants to be judged by the bottom-line results--not how those results were achieved.


  • Being independent and innovative
  • Participative decision making.
  • Using a creative approach in decision making.
  • Being creative and unconventional in making a point.
  • Obtaining results through people.
  • Positive, outgoing, friendly behavior.
  • Acting independently and without precedent.
  • Making tactful decisions.
  • Maintaining an ever-changing, friendly, work environment.
  • Using a direct, forthright and honest approach in his communications.
  • Optimistic, future-oriented outlook.
  • Preferring people involvement over task focus.
  • Contacting people using a variety of modes.

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