100 Year-Old Antique Dining Room Set

This furniture was passed down from my father's maternal grandmother.
The original owers were George and Hattie Garnett of Philadelphia, PA.
It was likely purchased near the year 1900, and is about 122 years old.
The furniture has been saved in storage for most of the past 30 years.

Soon I am going to start traveling extensively so I have been selling everything.
Rather than continue to keep the furniture in storage, I would like to sell it soon.
I am open to refurbishing it, selling on consignment, or selling for the best offer.
Based on quick research, I think a fair price for the entire set should be $3,000.

Thanks for taking the time to view the photos below.
I can deliver the furniture to you anytime soon.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact me today!


Height 36 inches | Width 36 inches | Depth 16 inches


Height 62 inches | Width 37 inches | Depth 17 inches


Height 38 inches | Width 60 inches | Depth 20.5 inches


The small pieces that fell off over the years have been saved to make restoration easy.


Height 30 inches | Width 60 - 86 inches | Depth 28 inches

The table expands from 60 inches to 86 inches very easily.


Height 40 inches | Width 20 inches | Depth 22 inches

The arms make the first chair 28.5 inches wide.